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Who We are?

EcoFibre Furnishing was established in 2006, with the core objective of attaining new heights in eco- friendly fibre products. Today, we stand as one of the largest manufacturers of quality coir, jute, wool, rubber, sisal, cotton, polypropylene (mats and mattings) from south India. Our manufacturing facility is located in the heart of Alappuzha, Kerala, where we have abundant access to raw materials at low cost. With 30 years of management experience backing us, we know what it takes to become the leaders in our niche.
Our vision   :
We are committed to ushering in a new era in the eco- fibre niche and we relentlessly explore new ideas and innovate to make sure we achieve this vision. Our goal is to make EcoFibre Furnishing THE destination par excellence for international customers who seek world class products in this line.
Quality first approach  :
We have a comprehensive Quality Management System that underpins our compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Covering sampling of raw materials, efficient sourcing, vendor rating and systematized operating procedures, our QMS enables us to match our high quality standards at all times.
Our commitment to the environment not only stems from our product line but also in our responsible waste management system. We have an agreement with Kerala Enviro Infrastructure Limited (KEIL) for disposal of solid and liquid waste. Excellent business ethics and a high degree of social responsibility ensure that we are a trusted partner for your needs.
Versatile and adaptable work systems  :
At EcoFibre Furnishing, we fully understand the importance of changing with times, making sure that tradition- steeped products like eco- fibre mats and rugs only improve with time and evolving customer preferences. We are fully equipped to cater to new age customers just as much as we can address the needs of existing clients who have been buying from us for years.
A range of offerings in the PVC/LATEX tufted coir mats, Jute Rugs, Rubber mats/ rugs categories allows us to address myriad needs of both corporate customers and individuals.  We hold 15 product and design patents that strengthen our product selection. We have our very own in-house R&D team to identify new methods of production, new design techniques and more.
We have never hesitated to experiment with new eco- fibresapart from coir mats, jute rugs and rubber mats&try out brand new combinations with new colours& designs, new weaves & pattern. Throughout this exciting journey, we have also managed to explore and taste success with new realms of customer satisfaction with on- time deliveries 100% of the time.
At EcoFibre Furnishing, we are keen to establish a long term relationship with you, our customer. Give us a chance to show you what real quality looks like in the eco- fibre product segment. 

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